Verily, in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest!

The Holy Qur’an; Chapter 13 (The Thunder), Verse 28

The spiritual masters of old have elaborated various means of attaining wisdom and enlightenment. While their methods differ, the fundamental link between them is meditation on the Names of God. In order to actualise their meanings in the physical realm, especially at the beginning of the journey to God, litanies and incantations have been prescribed, according to the aptitudes of the seeker.

This practice is referred to as Dhikr (remembrance) in the Islamic tradition, although the term is also understood in its broader meaning of “glorifying God”, by whichever means acceptable to Him (Exalted be He).

Since March 2020, we have had weekly gatherings (in person or virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic) to engage in and promote the practice of this ancient form of worship. Adherents have described several benefits over and above the conviviality of meeting people from different walks of life, especially the sense of peace, tranquility and stillness that one finds in the practice of Dhikr.

It is a far cry from the turbulence of our daily life and helps us refocus on higher meanings, hidden in the events that befall us at every instant. The format we use is as elaborated and advised by Shaikh Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili (d. 1258 AD, may God be pleased with him) to sincere seekers of rectitude and esoteric knowledge. His path and method is especially suited to those in the Western world and the values that it holds dear.

Gatherings are open to anyone who wishes to benefit or learn more, and we welcome everyone who wishes to take part, irrespective of their beliefs or tradition. Should you wish to participate or learn more regarding Dhikr, please feel free to get in touch with us.