A roast fowl is to the sight of a satiated man,

Less valuable than a blade of fresh grass on the table.

And to him who has no means nor power,

A burnt turnip is a roasted fowl.

Saadi of Shiraz, Gulistan (1258)

Peaceful Souls Foundation has established objectives in 5 main areas:

  1. Spiritual well-being
  2. Education
  3. Relief work
  4. Community projects
  5. Interfaith relationship

These have been set out and defined by the vision of Shaikh Muhammad al Yaqoubi from the beginning. Even before its formal registration, work had already started to promote these objectives.


The quest for the true meaning of life and our purpose in the universe is a perennial one, which has engaged the greatest minds since time immemorial. Those who have achieved realisation, or who have approached some degree of enlightenment, have given news of indescribable peace and contentment. These are among the objectives of the spiritual path.


The transmission of knowledge, values and customs to succeeding generations is vital to the preservation of our way of life. A key component of this is the chain of transmission to ensure authenticity and accuracy, but there is also a great need to equip learners with the skills required to interpret their world in their own light, guided by orthodox principles and methodology.

Relief work

Poverty and destitution are rife in our world, despite the enormous wealth and resources available across the globe. The lives of millions could easily be improved through better wealth distribution. Until such time as humanity changes its course however, there is a great need for altruism to bring relief to those who have been left behind in our perpetual search for personal gain.

Community projects

We are faced with many challenges in our communities, on both local and national levels. The environment, social inclusion, access to services, support for the elderly and vulnerable, leisure activities, exercise programmes, and the promotion of health and well-being are all areas that need greater engagement and focus. This starts at the level of the individual, but pooling resources towards these common goals can help achieve them more efficiently.

Interfaith relationship

Humanity and religious denominations share more common grounds than harbour differences. In our multi-cultural world, it is important to reach out for the common good and to foster good relationships amongst those with faith, but also with those who choose otherwise. Supporting each other is not only good etiquette, but also a sacred duty for those who understand the brotherhood of humankind.