Peaceful Souls Foundation is launching a Foundation Course in Islamic Studies under the tutorship of Maulana Hayat Noor Khan (may Allah preserve him). 

The course will be held on a weekly basis at the following venues:

  1. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Masjid, Castel – every Monday, starting 15th Aug 2022
  2. Riyad ul Madinah Masjid, Grand Bois – every Tuesday, starting 16th Aug 2022
  3. Badr ul Islam Masjid, Camp Levieux, Rose Hill – every Wednesday, starting 17th Aug 2022
  4. Himayat e Islam Masjid, L’Avenir, St Pierre – every Friday, starting 19th Aug 2022

It will cover basic Islamic sciences such as Aqeedah (Tenets of Faith), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), and Seerah (Prophetic biography). The course is expected to last over 1 year, after which candidates can choose to sit for examination with a view to being awarded a certificate of completion from Peaceful Souls Foundation.

It is designed to run in parallel every week, so that students who have missed a particular day can catch up at a different location during the same week. It is open to both brothers and sisters, irrespective of age. Separate seating will be available for sisters.

Please attend and invite others to do so as well. Contact 5255 5596 to enrol or for further details. You can also use the tool below to register for the course straightaway!

“The wise word is the lost property of the believer; wherever they find it, they are most deserving of it.” (Tirmidhi)

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